Running Olympic Updates

July 30, 2012, 10:05 a.m. (ET)

Make sure you check here for updated results from the 2012 London Olympic Games. Results will be provided by Peter Roselli is at the Olympic Venue.

5:45 pm UK

Results of the 48 kg category, as follows:

Wang China 1st with 205, Miyake Japan 2nd with 197, Ryang North Korea 3rd with 192.

July 28, 2012
3:45 pm UK

The Olympic Games weightlifting competition began today, the first A session,48 kg, now in progress.
Venue seating capacity totals 6,000, with stadium/sloped seating throughout. Large video monitors flank the stage, boon camera in use:
The US lifters have arrived, with the final coach expected tomorrow morning. Daily training has been conducted at three locations - the Olympic Village, the ExCel Center, and at University of East London - Docklands campus.

Kendrick Farris competes on August 3 in the 85 kg B session. Sarah Robles and Holley Mangold compete on August 5 in the 75 + kg A session.